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What is a Will?

A will is a document can operate to dispose of most types of properties an individual own when he / she is gone. 

What about if somebody dies without a Will?   

In most cases, many valuable assets will pass independently of the terms of the will. When a person passed away without leaving a will, the property left behind must be disposed according to intestacy rule. Under the UK law, only married couple and civil partners and surviving children are entitled to inherit the property under this rule. Some cases may be straightforwardly simple, whilst others may in a great deal of complexity. You may often see some devastating stories in media. Without a will could put the loved ones in difficult situation after someone has gone, particularly at that emotionally distressing time for them.

Sometime, if there is a will, the property may still not be able disposed in the way that the deceased wished. That is, a Will must be valid. How to make a valid will? 

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