Change of Name Deed

Modes of Name Change

In theory one can change one's name simply by usage of a different name over a period of time.  However the problem arises when one is asked to prove one's name in the absence of anything in writing. It therefore becomes essential to have a written or printed document to evidence one's current adopted or changed name to produce to one's Bank, Financial institutions in which one might hold shares Government Agencies Pension Providers utilities and any other official bodies. The document evidencing one's change of name is commonly called a Deed Poll  (or Deed of Change of Name). In this document one declares to everyone that as from the date of signing the Deed one is abandoning one's previous name or combination of names by which one has been previously known and one is adopting a new name by which one wishes to be known for all purposes and by which one requests all persons corporate bodies or institutions to address one in the future. In theory (although not normally) one can also include as part of one's name titles such as Mr, Ms, Dr etc but shoud not imply a status or honour that one does not have e.g Lord or Professor!

Some Reasons for Name Change

1.  To fulfil a wish to make a clean break and start a brand new chapter in one's life. 

2.  To change one's name to that of one's unmarried Partner

3.  To  revert to one's maiden name in the event of a marriage breakdown

4,   To change one's child's name to match the name of his parent who has parental responsibilty for him such as where he was registered with a different name at birth or where he is brought up by a stepfather with a different surname and is thus able to share the same surname as his step-siblings with a view to feeling a sense of belonging to his new family.

Types of written or printed  Name Change

1. Enrolled Deed Poll registered in the Royal Courts of Justice - which means one is putting one's name on Public Record but lasts only 5 years although renewable.

2. Unenrolled Deed Poll which once signed lasts without time limit or until another Deed Poll is signed.


Legal Efficacy of Deed Polls

There is no legal requirement to enrol a Deed Poll in the Royal Courts of Justice.

All UK Organistions including HM Passport Office  DVLA and all Government Organisations recgnise Unenrolled Deed Polls.

Time Scales

1. Enrolled Deed Polls can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete

2. Unenrolled Deed Polls can be completed in a few minutes



The basic charge for preparing a single Unenrolled Deed Poll is £125 +VAT.

There are concessionary charges for preparing multiple Unenrolled Deed Polls e.g. for several members of the same family


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Name Change Deed Poll